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How to sharpen your hooks

Hand-honed hooks are all the rage, but how do you go about sharpening your favourite carp hooks effectively?
Like any manual skill, it takes practice and patience, but the rewards are potentially massive. Without a 'sticky sharp' hook the rest of your set-up is pretty much redundant.
There's definitely a right and a wrong way to sharpen your hooks, so let us guide you through the process...

You'll need a file, sharpening stones, an eyeglass (loupe) and a small vice. JAG Products produce a brilliant all-in-one set (shown above).

1) Place the shank of the hook into the vice and turn the wheel to secure it firmly in place

2) Place the file on the top edge, opposite the barb, and make six smooth strokes towards the point

3) Next, repeat the process on both sides of the hook. Never touch the inside of the point

4) Use the red sharpening stone to hone the point further. Repeat with the green stone to finish

5) The difference between a standard hook and a sharpened one is clear to see