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PARTICLE BAITS are often ignored in favour of boilies and pellets - but they can be devastating, if used correctly... which is explained carefully here.
IF YOU take a look below the surface on just about any stillwater at the moment you’ll find it...


Fishing Kent’s Wingham Carp Lake, guest Stuart Morgan becomes the sixth member of the ‘Wingham Super Virgins Club’, those whose first fish goes 50 lb-plus.
Stuart nabbed Black Spot, using a 16 mm Sticky Baits Krill dumbbell fished over 25 Spombs...


1) Take plenty of dry ingredients so that you can mix more Method mix together if you have a bumper day on the Method feeder.
2) There are lots of additives to experiment with in your groundbait for Method feeder fishing, from nut meals such as ...


Craig Lander has landed the biggest barbel of the year and showed why Nottinghamshire’s River Trent is now being rated the best venue in the UK.
The 27-year-old angler landed the 18 lb 14 oz giant Trent barbel to easily better his previous bigge...